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Best Products To Start A Dropshipping Business In 2019

What to dropship ‧ February 07, 2019 7805 ‧ 0

So you’re thinking about starting your own dropshipping business. Congratulations! We couldn’t be more excited for you. You’re about to embark on a pretty amazing journey down the path toward financial independence. You’re sure to hit some stumbling blocks, but if you stick with it you could do very well for yourself.

And we’re here to help. The most important thing when you’re first starting off is to stock your store with products proven to move. Products with high demand and a market that isn’t yet saturated. Products like the ones below. We’ve listed some of best products to use with a fledgling dropshipping business. Any combination of them, marketed properly, can kickstart your business right and get you heading toward success.

So what are waiting for? Let’s get started!

Training equipment

Training and fitness equipment is a product category that stays consistently high on Google Trends year after year, relative to other categories. And it’s not surprising, with the positive backlash we’re seeing, particularly among younger consumers, against the rising global obesity problem.

Crossfit, Zumba, Soulcycle, etc. The list goes on. Fitness is big business and the global demand continues to rise, assuring that, as competitive as space is, it isn’t remotely near saturation, and new dropshippers can still do quite well pushing this category.

The benefit to new dropshippers is the sheer volume of high dollar products available. This is a category where people know the cost and are willing to pay it.



Beginners can do very well in the wearable tech space, and smartwatches are by far the easiest entrance into the category. It’s estimated that the market for wearable devices is set to grow by 26% in 2019. That’s stratospheric growth, even for tech products, and nearly 40% of that spending will be devoted to smartwatches.

Like training equipment, smartwatches are a high dollar item that offers excellent profit margins, an important consideration for a beginning dropshipper concerned with cash flow. Just be certain to offer a wide range of styles and a good assortment of the various features available in the space.

Phone accessories

It’s estimated that by the end of 2019, FIVE BILLION people will own mobile devices worldwide. Try and wrap your head around that figure. And each one of them is a potential customer for accessories. Cases, styluses, chargers, external camera lenses, and bluetooth headphones are just a few of the products available in this class.

With a market that massive, beginners can use phone and mobile device accessories to cut their teeth on marketing strategies. Because even lousy marketing efforts can win you sales, you can afford to experiment and get creative and learn what works and what doesn’t while still generating revenue.

Power banks


In case you aren’t familiar, power banks are mobile, external power supplies that can be used to rapidly recharge a mobile device that’s running low. They have become extremely popular over the last few years due to their relatively low cost and extreme usefulness. They can be used to charge nearly any device that can charge via USB, so it’s smart for everyone to own one.

Plus, because of the volume of manufacturers building products in this space, there’s a wide variety of products, with differing feature sets, to offer to your customers. These are good for new dropshippers for the same reasons phone accessories are and should, in fact, be offered together.



Pins, once considered an antiquated fashion accessory, are enjoying a major renaissance right now. They’ve been trending since 2012 and the trajectory upward hasn’t wavered since, continuing to this day.

Pins are a great start product line because of their low cost. People can afford to and will buy many pins at a time, and with such a huge volume of styles and themes available, a well-stocked store can turn over a lot of product on a consistent basis. Of course, it’s worth remembering the low cost items don’t provide a lot of room for profit, but in the case of pins that isn’t problematic. The sheer volume of sales you can generate can more than make up for the thin profit margin.

Backpacks and bags

If there’s one fact that keeps the lights on for most dropshippers it’s that people buy a lot of stuff. And when people buy a lot of stuff they need to buy things to carry that stuff. And so dropshippers that sell the stuff to carry the stuff are primed to take advantage of both trends.

Bags have always been a popular product category, but in recent years it has gotten a boost by the men’s bag revolution. Now that it’s trendy and acceptable for men to carry masculine versions of what was generally considered a women’s accessory, bags have skyrocketed in availability and saleability.


Sunglasses occupy a particular sweet spot in dropshipping. They have a high perceived value but a low production cost. That means you can charge a premium and make a large spread between your charge and the cost you pay, while still underbidding standard retailers. Plus sunglasses weigh almost nothing, which keeps your shipping costs down. All of this makes sunglasses an excellent introductory product line for dropshippers just starting out.


But not just any socks. We’re talking about novelty socks, patterned socks, and print on demand socks. The custom apparel category has been doing well for a number of years, originally driven by the rise of comedy t-shirts, eventually expanding into novelty leggings, socks, and other articles.

But socks are where the growth is currently. Novelty and specialty socks have become big business and they can be a fun introduction into dropshipping.



Toothbrushes, specifically bamboo toothbrushes skyrocketed in popularity starting in 2017. The bamboo variety plays well to the sustainability, environmentally-conscious crowd. The growth was remarkable for such a standard, disposable consumer product. But personal care, in general, has seen dramatic growth in recent years as both men and women have started spending more and more of their disposable income on self-care.

Toothbrushes, as a disposable commodity always have to be replaced, which means they can sell to the same customers over and over again, making them a good mainstay product in a dropshipper’s arsenal.

Kawaii and plush products

A key factor in the success of a dropshipping site is its ability to create impulse buys, extra purchases that the visitor wasn’t planning on making. And all impulse buys are driven by emotion. And there’s almost nothing that creates as immediate and powerful emotional reaction as things that are…CUTE!

“Oh, look at the bear! I just wanna grab him and squeeze him and take him home with me!”

Kawaii is the Japanese cuteness culture that’s sweeping the rest of the world. Kawaii and other cute plush products are excellent starter products because they’re like crack for human emotions. They almost reach out of the screen and demand to be purchased. And people have no choice but obey.

Hair care accessories

Personal care products, as we mentioned earlier, are always a strong performer, and hair care accessories are no exception. Hairstyle is one of the chief defining physical characteristics for most people, and life changes are often accompanied by hairstyle changes.

People often define themselves with their hair. This assures a steady, healthy market for the creams, lotions, gels, and styling accessories that make up this category. Particularly for specialty products, there’s a high perceived value, which allows beginning dropshippers to charge a premium.

Smart home devices


While once a niche product line, smart home devices have gone mass market, with major companies offering smart home services. What was once the domain of tech geeks is now common knowledge, and consumers have been bitten by the conveniences and customizability the technology offers.

Because of the upward trend in adoption, falling prices, and the fact that you can easily stock an entire dropshipping store with nothing but smart home products, it can be a great product line for novices to start with.


Bedding is a great starter product because everyone sleeps, and people like change. Bedding is inexpensive enough that when people get bored of how their bedrooms look they don’t switch the furniture or the carpeting. The buy new bedding. It gives the room a whole new look at a low cost.

And bedding, unlike clothing, doesn’t suffer from returns quite as frequently. A queen size sheet will fit a queen size bed, no matter what. This permanence of purchase removes one major hassle from the beginner dropshippers experience.

Water bottles

Water bottles, smart water bottles specifically, occupy the same spot sunglasses do. The added technology takes what is otherwise a product that can be replaced by an empty Evian bottle and turns it into a piece of high technology. Today you can find bottles that remind you to drink at certain intervals, use ultraviolet light to purify their contents, and infuse fruit juices for a welcome flavor boost.

Given the popularity of the “eight cups of water per day” mantra, plus the general fitness trend among younger consumers, dropshippers just starting out can charge premium prices for high profit margins.

Pet products

People love their animals. Some people love them more than their own kids. Some have animals instead of kids. It should go without saying that pet products are a huge market. In 2017 Americans alone spent $69 billion dollars on stuff for their pets!

Besides the demand, new dropshippers often do better with stores devoted to a specific product class. It’s easier to manage, and pet products easily allow for this. Yes, it’s a competitive space, but there is just so much demand that there’s a large remainder for the beginning dropshipper to sop up.


Anti-stress products


Anti-stress products are big business for two reasons. One, the items themselves are marketed to reduce stress. That’s obvious. What’s less obvious is the very act of buying anti-stress products also relieves stress. It’s retail therapy. Add to that the expectations of stress relief that come with the purchase which themselves relieve stress and you can see why stress-relieving products, marketed well, can be an easy market for novice dropshippers to tackle. They also occupy a huge range of prices, so a well-stocked store can land a sale from customers of any means.


Posters are great starter products because they don’t cost a lot, but they can command a healthy profit margin, and they’re popular across wide demographics. There’s probably a poster design for every man, women, and child on the planet.

Beginners can create a poster and wall art shop very rapidly using only a few suppliers and begin selling very rapidly. Given poster’s low production cost and their “something for everyone” nature, posters are a product able to capture sales from nearly any site visitor.


Mugs benefit from the same features as posters, plus they allow print on demand. Mugs are common gift items, and custom mugs are wildly popular. The profit margin is slimmer than for posters, but the cost is lower as well, so a greater sale volume is possible, making up the difference.

Dropshippers can easily fuse standard and print to order mugs into a gift shop-style store and do quite well.

Nail accessories


Nail art, once only available through high end nail salons, is becoming a mass market product. There are nail prints, stamps, and decals available in a huge variety of styles.

Pair this with the polishes, press-ons, protectants, and tools and beginner dropshippers have the makings of a highly targeted online store. One that takes full advantage of nail art trend. This a store that makes money on volume, but since nail art is optimized to generate impulse buys, this volume isn’t difficult to generate, positioned properly.

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