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DropshipMe And AliDropship Plugin – What’s The Difference?

How to dropship ‧ July 25, 2018 2914 ‧ 12

It’s not a secret that the entrepreneurs involved in drop shipping business use AliExpress as their product source. There’s a good reason for it: Chinese suppliers provide a huge, almost infinite amount of high-quality products, and set quite competitive prices on them.

Probably, you also know that drop shipping store owners use a range of plugins, tools and solutions that automatically manage the majority of AliExpress-related processes in this business. Some of the most widely preferred solutions, namely DropshipMe and AliDropship, sometimes get mixed up; so, let’s go through the core difference of these popular plugins.

What is DropshipMe and what is it used for?

DropshipMe is a WordPress plugin created to improve product sourcing in AliExpress drop shipping. After integrating it into your store, you receive an access to a specific catalog of AliExpress products. These items are carefully selected by the DropshipMe experts who make sure that all the products in the catalog:

  • Meet the latest market trends and see a considerable buyers’ demand
  • Have a high rating and a promising potential in terms of profit generation
  • Have a high quality that is proven by positive feedback of the previous buyers
  • Are sold by trusted and reliable suppliers

This way, using DropshipMe, you don’t need to wander on the AliExpress.com website searching for the best-selling products – they are already found, evaluated on the basis of different criteria, and gathered for you in one place.


How DropshipMe works


In total, DropshipMe catalog already includes hundreds of product categories and over 50,000 handpicked products with a huge commercial potential. Every day, new items get added to the catalog, and you can import any of them to your store just in one click.

So, the primary purpose of DropshipMe is to get you straight to selling the winning stuff.

Another great thing about DropshipMe is that all the featured items go with the professionally pre-edited product details such as titles, descriptions, images, variants, etc. It means that you get perfectly optimized, clean and attractive product pages in your store right after items’ import. If you are familiar with AliExpress drop shipping, you certainly know how many long hours this feature can save you!

Isn’t it what AliDropship also does?


In fact, AliDropship plugin is a more complex solution that offers a full set of features for easy management of your drop shipping business, and we will discuss them further. But as for the process of product sourcing, AliDropship simply connects your store directly to AliExpress.com website, and after that, it is solely your task to come up with a promising niche idea, evaluate demand and the competition level, and finally find the absolutely best products for your store.


How AliDropship works


And it is also your responsibility to edit the original product titles and descriptions provided by AliExpress sellers and, if needed, to enhance the images and other details after adding products to your store.

On the other hand, if you have experience in ecommerce or know how to find the hottest products, or just have already picked the niche for your store and ready to fill it, you will definitely enjoy the full access to AliExpress and the ‘unlimited products to import’ feature that only AliDropship plugin provides.

What is more, unlike DropshipMe plugin, AliDropship is not focused on product sourcing only. As mentioned above, AliDropship is a fully fledged solution that has all of the necessary features, such as:

  • Professionally designed built-in ecommerce themes
  • Unlimited products import from AliExpress
  • Auto-updated products’ data and stock availability
  • One-click orders redirection to AliExpress sellers
  • Auto-monitored tracking updates
  • Support of the most popular payment gateways
  • Integrated AliExpress cash-back system

Surely, there are much more amazing things this plugin can do; feel free to check the details on the AliDropship official website.

So, the primary purpose of AliDropship plugin is to automate your drop shipping business and save you time on the daily operations.

DropshipMe and AliDropship comparison

To sum it up, let’s take a look at the various sides of both of these plugins:

DropshipMe Plugin

AliDropship Plugin

Easy product search and import
Handpicked AliExpress products
Suppliers checked by experts
Professionally edited product info
Unlimited products to import
Recommended pricing markup
Import product ratings and reviews
Inventory auto updating
Fulfill orders automatically
Auto order tracking
Built-in ecommerce themes
AliExpress cashback system
WooCommerce support
Free updates and team support
Free version is available


So, DropshipMe and AliDropship plugin are both created to handle the manual routines tied with the most important tasks of drop shipping business. And their functionality is different with relation to different tasks.

DropshipMe eliminates a struggle with inventory, it brings winning and promising products to your store, and basically handles you the key to success, while AliDropship plugin helps you sort out the everyday store management tasks. It saves you time and lets you spend it on marketing or individual customer support.

These plugins are not a substitution to one another. In fact, they perfectly complement each other. From improving product sourcing process to auto updating your inventory, DropshipMe and AliDropship help you in all the possible ways, and let you start and run your very own drop shipping business – more convenient and profitable than ever.

Hope this post has helped to clarify the differences between these two amazing WordPress plugins for AliExpress drop shipping.

Rocelio 2 months ago

Can you use Alidropship plugin and Dropship me at the same time? Dropship me for product sourcing and ali Dropship for order fulfilment automation?

    Olga 2 months ago

    Hello Rocelio, the latest version of AliDropship plugin has the same product database and functions as DropshipMe has – everything is already integrated into AliDropship. If you have some imports left in DropshipMe, they should be transferred into AliDropship admin area as well, you can check it in Import section – Import Products in the top right corner. So, if you have both plugins you can deactivate DropshipMe and continue importing edited products from the database with the help of AliDropship.

armend 9 months ago

i want just to say yaross thanks for all things what do you do for dropshipping your work and your team work has made very very easy to use to make dropshipping, your plugins are supeerrr and with best price.

    Yaroslav Nevsky 9 months ago

    Thank you very much for such a great feedback!

      Dee Tucker 3 months ago

      I’m running my store with you guys, just starting a few weeks ago and my manager is very professional. thanks a lot, Yaroslav, I love your team.

Ahmed 10 months ago

Dropship plugins really need these features from alidropship
Inventory auto-updating, Fulfill orders automatically, Auto order tracking

These are very important and very useful, Please consider this

S.Mahavir 10 months ago

Can we use both Alidropship and Dropshipme together?
The number of product imports in the package is for once ever or monthly this number of product import.
Once imported into a full number of products, can it be exchanged with other new products?

    Yaroslav Nevsky 10 months ago

    Yes, using both DropshipMe and AliDropship plugins is recommended.

    There are no any monthly fees for product packages.

    Once you imported products you can’t exchange them in future.

    Yaroslav Nevsky 10 months ago

    You can download and install DropshipMe plugin for free.

mohamed 10 months ago

I would like to know if buying dropshipme alone can replace alidropship?

    Alexandra 10 months ago

    Hello, you can use DropshipMe just with WooCommerce without AliDropship plugin, but in this case you will need to update and process orders manually, because DropshipMe is only responsible for importing products to your site and does not offer dropshipping business automation tools.

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