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A Great DropshipMe Update: Meet New Awesome Plugin Features!

Our news ‧ November 16, 2018 4560 ‧ 16

In this DropshipMe plugin review we list all the added and improved features in the newest version of the plugin. Let’s see how you personally can benefit from it.

We are constantly receiving a lot of valuable feedback from our customers. This is why we have improved the plugin’s interface and functions to implement some useful and highly requested features.

So, here are some new amazing options that you can benefit from when using DropshipMe plugin for your online dropshipping business.

In-built currency converter

This option was in high demand of that part of our customers who use only WooCommerce on their sites. So, we added in-built currency conversion to allow them showing prices on their sites in their chosen currency selected in WooCommerce settings.

currency conversion

Now if the currency on your site differs from US dollar, you will see actual exchange rate in the top right corner of the Import Products page. The prices both in admin area and on the site will be shown in your currency.

New product filters

We have added new filters in Import Products section to make your product search even more convenient.


Using Supplier price filter, you can select necessary price range in the currency of your site.

To set the required number of orders for the products, choose Orders filtering.

Warehouse shows whether the necessary product is stored in warehouses in China or United States.

The Shipping to filter allows to select the country of destination from the dropdown menu.

To choose the necessary shipping method (ePacket, China Post, EMS and numerous other available services), apply Method filter.

If you want to filter out products with free shipping available, tick the Free shipping box.

And if you need to reset all your filters, just click Clear all button.

‘Check my import list’ section

Now you can easily view the products that you have imported before in the new section.

Import list

Besides, if you click this link you can learn the number of your products that have disappeared from AliExpress and are no longer available.


Shipping tab

In the Shipping tab you can select a destination country from the dropdown menu and immediately get the actual logistic information about this product. Shipping information includes warehouse location, shipping company, cost, processing time, estimated delivery time, and tracking information availability.

Shipping options

Product analysis tab

Using this tab, you can study analytical information about the product even without importing it to your store. To view this, you should have free AliDropship Chrome extension installed and be logged in your AliExpress account.

When you click on this tab, you get a link to the product and the supplier’s store on AliExpress, an estimated logistic reliability (excellent, average, etc.), and the demand curve showing how often this product has been ordered during the last two weeks.

Analytic info

The provided information will help you make your final decision whether you need this product in your store.

Besides, we have made overall optimization and design improvements, as well as have fixed some minor bugs (there used to be a problem with plugin activation on the sites with second-level domains like com.au, co.uk, etc.; this compatibility bug was fixed in the new version of the plugin).

So, update the plugin right now or download it for free from this page, and you will enjoy the more effective and powerful version of DropshipMe to fill your store with the best products even quicker!

Aseel alabsi 3 years ago

I change woocommerce currency to Malaysian Ringgit but the conversion is wrong it says “Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) (Equals US $1.00)” and it does not equal 1$.
conversion rate is wrong what should I do?

    gosu 3 years ago

    Good day! The currency converter isn’t working temporarily, we are currently fixing this problem. It will be ready next week.

    Olga 5 years ago

    This is an interesting research. Anyway, DropshipMe team is constantly working to make our product better. Stay tuned)

Athar 5 years ago

Hi Konstantin !

1. Great improvement…I was wondering about the US database, now under Warehouses.

A. So we can simply choose from filters and only import those items into Woo?

B. Is there a way to filter for US warehouses on all products displayed and only then look at or import those shipping from US?

A. How about a comparison with Ecomhunt which also works for Shopify?

Google Trends shows Ecomhunt trending much better than DropshipMe even though DropshipMe is far better and cheaper (except for the Facebook Ads feature), and offers niche product search whereas Ecomhunt (and Dropship Spy) usually offer generic listings !

B. Is there an easy way to search for Facebook ads/listings for the products from DropshipMe ?

Thanks for a great plugin and updates

    Olga 5 years ago

    Hello Athar,
    1. When you open DropshipMe Import Products section, you see by default all products delivered from Chinese, American and European warehouses. To filter out products delivered from the US only, select ‘United States’ from the dropdown menu in the ‘Shipping from’ filter. (The plugin has been updated, so the ‘Warehouse’ filter now is called ‘Shipping from’.) Then you can choose and import some of the shown products.
    2. We do not have such features now, but we will keep in mind your suggestion. Thank you for your valuable feedback!

Bongani 5 years ago

What do i do when there is no free shipping to my country of choice?

    Konstantin 5 years ago

    Hey. You can try choosing the most reasonable shipping option (use this article as your guidance). Or just don’t be shy to charge your clients a shipping fee. For them, your store is probably the only option to buy these items in your country. So, they will be ready to wait for the delivery, and to pay a little extra.


Hello. Thank you for your efforts for putting this plugin together.

I have one question, I am testing the plugin (free package – version 0.9.9) and I cannot see the mentioned product filter? I would like to select the warehouse location in the USA when possible. Or is it available only in the paid options? Thank you in advance.

    Konstantin 5 years ago

    Hello. All the features are available in free version. In your 0.9.9, Product filters and Import settings are not at the top but in a collapsible sidebar, look for a blue button with a gear.

    Konstantin 6 years ago

    In its core DropshipMe is a product sourcing tool, not a full business automation solution. Of course we’re thinking of expanding the functionality, but for now we’re still focused on these ‘sourcing’ features to be just the best here. If you need the automation of all dropshipping business processes I can recommend you AliDropship plugin, this tool will give you everything.

Ali Kone 6 years ago

Thank you for all the updates and for looking after us.

    Konstantin 6 years ago

    And thank you for all the feedback we use to improve our products.

Kevin Chore 6 years ago

Only features of the product don’t sell. The usage or why the product is unique makes product sell

    Konstantin 6 years ago

    Hey Kevin, you’re totally right! That’s why every feature in this post was added only because it was requested by real users.

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