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How To Promote Your Online Store On Social Media In 2023

How to dropship ‧ June 15, 2023 7314 ‧ 0

Are you curious to know how to promote your online store easily and efficiently? Of course you are! It’s the key to attracting more customers and boosting your profits, right? So, to make this challenging yet rewarding task easier for you, we’ve come up with several experience-based tips and recommendations. Here they are!

Why promote an online store on social media?

how to promote online store

First of all, let’s start with a quick overview.

What makes social media promotions such an important element of your marketing strategy? Why, for example, there were around 3.7 million sponsored influencer posts on Instagram in 2018? Here are the top 3 reasons!

  • A huge (and growing!) audience

According to Statista, in 2018, about 2.65 billion internet users were using social networks. What’s more, their number is expected to hit the mark of 3,1 billion in 2020! Surely, it opens up incredible opportunities in terms of targeting and reaching users and potentially converting them into your clients.

  • A vast geographic range of the networks’ use

Statistic: Leading countries based on number of Instagram users as of October 2019 (in millions) | Statista

In 2019, the United States, Brazil and India had the largest Instagram audiences.

At the same time, India was ranked first in terms of Facebook audience size, having 269 million users. With more than 100 million Facebook users each, the United States, Brazil, and Indonesia also made it to the top of the rating. In other words, social networks have a significant presence all over the globe. Obviously, it’s more than reasonable to use their power to spread the word about your impressive venture!

  • Diverse user segments

Facebook, the most popular social network worldwide, is commonly thought to be ‘the social network for millennials’. In 2019, the age of over 27% of Facebook users in the United States was in the range from 25 to 34 years.

Instagram, at the same time, is most popular with teens and young millennials as over 70% of its global audience is younger than 34.

So, knowing the demographics of different social media users, online business owners can place and target their marketing messages quite efficiently. 

Having a clear idea of the target audience’s age and lifestyle preferences, it’s not that challenging to come up with compelling marketing messages. Let’s take a closer look at the most common ways to promote an online store on social media!

How to promote an online store on social media: zero-cost marketing and paid ads

how to promote online store

One of the most awesome things about social networks is the flexibility they allow for your promotions. Indeed, even if your advertising budget is really limited, it can’t stop you from using social media for marketing purposes! Here are 3 ways to make it work like magic.

#1 Update your news feed regularly

Yes, that’s quite an obvious tip when it comes to social media marketing 😉 Still, it’s a FREE way for you to attract attention to your store and keep your followers interested in your products, news, and special offers.

Even the most usual Instagram or Facebook posts let you:

  • Showcase the colorful details of the items you’re selling
  • Inform your followers about new product offerings and any other updates you’ve prepared for them
  • Announce sales, special deals, and other special events you’re going to hold
  • Share your buyers’ reviews on your products and their shopping experience with you (don’t forget to ask if they give their permission for that!)
  • Educate your current and potential clients on the best ways to use your products (especially relevant for any clothing & fashion accessories, equipment, and technically complex items)
  • Gather feedback on your store performance
  • Entertain your audience and keep the viewers engaged

Sounds quite tempting, doesn’t it? Social media posts, indeed, can solve plenty of your business tasks!

Run out of interesting social media posts ideas? Don’t worry! With our compelling Engaging Social Media Posts service, you’ll get a package of 30 (or 45) images and texts for social media posts, over 50 hashtags to broaden your reach, and experience-based tips on smart posting. Click here to learn the details if you want to bring more traffic to your site through social media and enjoy higher revenues!

#2 Repurpose your content

Some internet users don’t like reading lengthy pieces of text.

Others, in turn, are not really fond of watching videos.

Some people don’t use Instagram at all, while others have discovered Facebook only recently.

Tastes and preferences differ, and that’s totally fine! Still, potentially, each and every one of these picky persons can get interested in your offers… if you present them right.

In order to reach as many people as possible with your exceptional content, and make sure your posts aren’t overlooked, it’s a great idea to repurpose your content. 

Let’s say these are the basic content types you can work with:

  • Photo
  • Infographic
  • Video
  • Article

Simply speaking, if you have a piece of content that falls into one of these categories, you can easily transform it into any of the other types! Instead of spending hours thinking of a totally new idea, you will quickly get several valuable posts that will attract attention of multiple people who use different social media channels. 

Besides, it will give you a great opportunity to conveniently place your posts on diverse online platforms. For example, to make it possible to share your newest blog article on YouTube, just shoot a video on the basis of this entry. Then, to make this content easy to display and promote on Instagram, turn it into an infographic. Keep experimenting, and you’ll be able to show your wonderful posts to lots and lots of people all over the Web.

Want to use the same piece of content efficiently? Consider the Traffic Generating Ad & Blog Post Service! Within this service, you’ll get an informative article for your on-site blog, ready materials and targeting settings for an ad promoting this article on social media, and a subscription form collecting your store visitors’ emails. Quite a tempting offer for a bargain price of $69, isn’t it? Check out the details right now!

#3 Run paid ads

Well, since we briefly mentioned paid ads, we need to cover them in more depth, right?

Paid ads on social media are not an absolute must-have when you start your ecommerce journey. After all, your business is really young, and if you can’t afford any advertising expenses, it’s perfectly OK to stick to free promotional methods described above.

However, as soon as you feel you’re ready to invest some money into paid promotion, go for it! A well-planned ad campaign will let you:

  • Specify the demographic features of social media users whom you expect to get interested in your offers
  • Target your promotional messages at a well-defined audience segment which members are more likely to convert into buyers
  • Increase your site traffic, amount and volume of sales, and therefore, your profits
  • Create a strong and compelling brand identity to support your future business efforts

As you can see, carefully prepared paid ads provide your enterprise with both short-term and long-term benefits. Surely, that’s a way too tempting opportunity to miss out!

Need professional assistance to create powerful paid ad campaigns? Our in-house experts will be excited to make unique Facebook & Instagram Ads For Your Dropshipping Store! The service includes a set of ready ad materials, recommendations on the best audience to target, and a step-by-step guide on preparing your store for the promo campaign launch. OR you can order a Social Media Package that includes our top SMM services!

We hope these insights on promoting your online store were helpful and valuable to you! Use the knowledge to improve your social media presence, don’t be shy to ask for the experts’ professional assistance, and watch your profits grow!

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