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The service package includes entertaining blog on your site featuring your products, materials for an ad (image + text + all targeting settings) and blog subscription form setup

About This Service

Imagine you see two ads: “Stay Stylish With These 15 Outfit Trends of 2020” or “Buy clothing with up to 30% off”. Which of them is more calling and easier for users to click on? Yes, the first one as it doesn’t suppose spending money.

What if we tell you that both of these ads are selling the same thing? The difference is that the first advertiser opted for a more elegant way to promote their store than just a usual offer to buy, and this wise advertiser could be you! People see regular ads all the time, so, it’s time to try a new advertising scheme: selling through content that speaks to your audience!

So, how does this all work? Long story short, you just let us turn your blog into a traffic magnet and a lead generation machine with the following scheme:

Easy & completely transparent, right? We’ll help you turn this scheme into reality!

Collect your site visitors & emails & stimulate more purchases!
1 blog
1 ad
subscription form setup

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What’s included in Traffic Generating Ad & Blog Post service:

Our team of dropshipping store managers repeatedly turned to this method of promotion, and statistics show that sometimes blog post + ad combination is ~80% more effective than regular ads when it comes to attracting traffic to your store. So content marketing might be a big help on your way to increased traffic & sales!

Try it now – and we’ll be glad to assist!

5 Reviews
Michelle 5 years ago

Excellent performance! Though my store is about electronics, the article is well researched and written! Looks like a real magazine article! Highly recommend!

Selena 5 years ago

If you want to attract visitors to your website, this service is what you’re looking for! I didn’t believe in it myself, turned out it can work even better than ads!!! Totally recommend this tool to any dropshipper 🙂

Ben 5 years ago

Service delivered as described! Communication is really helpful, the team helped me attract visitors and even gave some useful articles to learn what I can do to do it further:) Great service

Lenny 5 years ago

Everything looks awesome! Detailed writing, bright ad and lovely pictures – totally sure in my success

Michelle 5 years ago

Great service and it really brought me traffic:)

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