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Does starting your own dropshipping business alone seem stressful? Afraid to choose the wrong niche and lose money? Just let professionals assist you and define the best dropshipping niche for your store! All the suggested niches will have the potential to generate high profits for you.

About This Service

Puzzled about what to sell in your new dropshipping store? Don’t want to make a mistake and lose money by choosing the wrong niche? We know how you feel – and we’re ready to help!

As our years of experience confirm, it’s your niche that determines the success of your entire dropshipping business. So, you need to do research and go deep in statistics to find your perfect profitable dropshipping niche. Or, you can do nothing and get professional help from our experts. We can provide you with three profitable niches based on trends, market saturation, and your interests & passions. All you need to do is fill in our questionnaire after the checkout process. That’s it!

What’s so good about the Niche Research service?

Have the list of your 3 perfect niches with some tips from us
Top 5 Suppliers & Top 10 Countries to target your niche products
Product types for your niche from AliExpress
Estimated # of products on AliExpress for your niche
Popularity rating of your niche on AliExpress & other platforms

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Get more insights & trends analytics for your 3 best niches
Package includes standard niche research
Extra types of products you can add to your store
Recommended promotional avenues with detailed analysis
Top 5 products to promote in your niches

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Full analysis for your 3 niches with recommendations
Package includes extended niche research
Promotional tips for Top 5 products in your niches
SEO analysis of each niche
Types of products recommended as site categories
Keyword ideas for your PPC ads
BONUS: the list of Top 5 trending products for more inspiration

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By ordering the Niche Research service, you get:

23 Reviews
Syam chand 4 years ago

The research given to me was extremely detailed and a few pages long. The went into the specific details are given and tried to give me specific recommendations based on that. It is a very custom research and not generic copy and paste. Just to write a document like that would Cost a writer more than the paid price. The suggestions of extremely viable, trend and Ali Express options are included. Re experts like them can can make the field clear for somebody entering this field.

Dylan 5 years ago

I got a working framework I am absolutely happy about

Michael 5 years ago

The idea of dropshipping sounded to me like a dream coming true but I didn’t know which store I should pick to make a living on it. This research helped me a lot – now I am confident in my success

Alan 5 years ago

Very extensive work – I’ve been delivered more than I had expected. Now it’s up to me what to do with it.

Nahmad 5 years ago

Good work finding a niche for me.

thomas_ggeorge 5 years ago

i liked the point with winning products!!!!! i will add them for sure and make a loooooooooot of money 5 years ago

if you are in doubts, you need to ask the pros for sure. diana will help you!

DanDan_Shev3 5 years ago


Kar__Li 5 years ago

i like their choice, trustworthy

emily.chang 5 years ago

i was thinking about what dropshipping store will inspire me to run it – the team did just great! but now i want all 3 store they recommended me! 😀 i will do my best

perobashna 5 years ago

can you read mind or what?:D i choose boho accessories to sell. bec they’re trendy but i even didnt want that they are! so, thaaaaaankz, guys
mamaci.mamha cool service, i like. my dreams come true

nick25nick 5 years ago

couldnt decide what to drop ship – you helped me so much! your bonus on the premium package is a pleasure and nice gift, thanks!

Vincent 5 years ago

I wanted to start a dropshipping store but I did not want to look for a specific niche that would not work and would not be profitable.
I came across and bought the standard package. Several days later, I received a nice and detailed report of 3 potential niches with a lot of advice!
Many thanks for your hard work! I look forward to starting my dropshipping website.

antonio27 5 years ago

ciao, i was suprised by dropshipping phenomenon in general, but the products from your niche reserach were just awesome! fantastica!

Reyansh 5 years ago

it’s pleasure to work with you guys thanks

FAHMIDA 5 years ago


5 years ago

it seemed so hard to choose right niche but you did it very easily and fast thank you dear friends…

Durojaye 5 years ago


J.D. 5 years ago

I planned to build several stores, but haven’t any idea on how choose niches. I’ve read a lot of materials, but nothing helped. I ordered this service when I finally put the whole concept of my future store together but still I needed to check if this concept is working for me and I needed good analytics to estimate perspectives and consider alternatives. I’ve chosen the premium package and have no regrets.

Andrew_Sm 5 years ago

I think this service is an absolute must if you have no understanding of niches choice. It was detailed but still plain and simple with a lot of analytical data with conclusions. I pleasantly surprised with the options. It’s exactly what I was thinking of. Totally recommend!!!

Sirena_11 5 years ago

I wanted to be droppshiper, but have a huge problem, I did’t know what niche to choose. I have many ideas and all of them seemed very good for me. I feel confused for a while and decided to have experts opinion. I like this service for several reasons. First they reviewed my ideas and give me detailed feedback. Secondly, they also offer me another niche option according to my personal interests and market research. I’m excited with results and working on my stores. I choose 2 niches from 3, thanks

Ay1an 5 years ago

I needed profitable niche for my store. I want to quit my effing job and earn for living as dropshipper. I tried extended package and it’s worth it. I received 10 pages of materials that help me to make the decision. Now I understand how to compare niches and what is the best for me. Diagrams and tables for each of the options were helpful

Trav1s2 5 years ago

I searched for this kind of servise for a long time. No one provide such full package with recommendations and fidback. This is the best of all I have seen. At the begining I didnt understand how to chose niche and product. When I got my research everything become clear and obvious. I’m pleased with results and found recommendations very useful. Thank you guys

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