Email Marketing Setup For Your Dropshipping Store

5 out of 5 (29 reviews)
Price: from US $89
Delivery: 2 - 4 business days
Emails are good helpers on the way to gaining in sales. Let us make them automated for you! They could sell without your assistance for years.

About This Service

Want your sales numbers to climb without any extra effort? It’s not unachievable, automated emails can do it! We’ll help you make it happen.

Our team used to tend 40 dropshipping stores, and you’d be surprised how many sales were made through our email marketing campaigns. So we’re fully ready to create unique and compelling promo emails (called follow-ups) for you. They effectively portray your products – and boost sales!

What are the benefits of the Email Marketing Setup service?

So if you’re looking for email marketing of your business at an affordable price, then you’ve come to the right place.

Start email marketing at ease and advertise your products in automated follow-ups
4 follow-ups in sequence
2 reusable templates
Covers 2 weeks


Follow-ups for longer communication with customers and more sales
8 follow-ups in sequence
3 email templates
Covers 1 month


Turn one-time customers into loyal ones with the help of emails and get much higher profit!
16 follow-ups in sequence
5 email templates
Covers 3 months


By ordering an Email Marketing Setup, you get:

Start earning more with less effort now – automated emails will help you out! 😉

29 Reviews
Amelia 5 years ago

Emails look really beautiful, I couldn’t believe this is my store! Thanks for hard work

Theodor 5 years ago

I have never really tried this marketing tool, but since everything was going well I decided to give this idea a try! And I am glad I did. I use it for two weeks only and it is already bringing me sales. Totally recommend:)

Jorge 5 years ago

good work – thanks for going the extra mile

Mick 5 years ago

5/5 thank you!

joshua.ahmaddddd 5 years ago

i really loved the work the team did. nice pics, good visual in emails, they are very nice to look at. the products from my store looked nice. really THANK YOU 1!!!

48khalil_Lowe 5 years ago

i cant do it myself so i asked pros. tand they are great professionals!!!!!!! always on time

gilbert.laurent 5 years ago


lucy_k 5 years ago

i ahve no ideas how they could do my 32 emails so fast, super power team!!!!!!

Mat__thew1 5 years ago

oh gooooooood i LOOOOOOVE th pics and the look of the emails, really good quality

naahta.momdher 5 years ago

5 templates for my future emails FOR FREE in premium package – great pleasure, THANKS! they will be with me all time!

miranda.jewnar 5 years ago

thanks for so much attention at my shop – an email looks like they are already in my shop – magic!

manicha.mart 5 years ago

save your business time, make all work for you – isnt it a fairy tale? emails design is jut incredible! pure perfection. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Günter 5 years ago

you helped me to understand that automated emails REALLY give a great possibility to attract many customers. thank you for your work!

GHULAM GHULAM 5 years ago


Ygnocio 5 years ago

highly recommend!!

john.jackson 5 years ago

your team knows what it does! so professional, my thought about it have no comparison, really. perfect emails

sis.isiterno 5 years ago

i cant even imagine how much time i could waste thinking about fonts. colors and sized! thanks that u saved my precious time, love you!

Zoe G. 5 years ago

have never once regretted choosing this service, your help was invaluable

K.S. 5 years ago

Like the emails and the level of customer support these guys provide! 🙂

Mary Pepe 5 years ago

I like their services, everything was professionally made. Recommend!

VivienLee 5 years ago

The emails look wonderful, couldn’t have done them better myself!!

moore_5 5 years ago

I saved so much time with this service! I’m happy af.

Ishmira L. 5 years ago

I had no idea why I should use emails, it seemed meaningless for me. But I was desperately looking for options how can I increase sells. I decided to give it try. I am more than satisfied, I get my first sales and eager to create more emails on my own. Need to work on lead collecting though.

johh 5 years ago


Lucy K 5 years ago

Knowing how much time and effort it takes to create a perfect follow-up email, I really wanted to get that load off my shoulders. And i did! Totally appreciated the level of service these guys provide. Very professional, will totally recommend it to my entrepreneur friends.

vincentsv 5 years ago

Writing followups is a pain – it takes so much time to edit everything to perfection. But since that is exactly the level of service I want to render to my customers, the marketing tools I choose should be top-notch, and with Dropshipping that is what I got. so thank you Dropship Me, keep up the good work!

oliviahj0718 5 years ago

Emails is a perfect tool to generate resales. I haven’t expected these success. I already have some subscribers (about 300+), so I launched my campaign of 16 emails for them. Emails look adorable and informative. After a while, I noticed regular sales from emails. It’s the main source of my sales for now. Recommend

stewen 5 years ago

I didn’t want to create emails. I tried and I spend at least an hour for one letter. I found it time-consuming and prefer to pay professionals for this work. I’m glad about the quality of their work.

K. Matipp 5 years ago

Fast delivered high-quality service. I ordered 10 follow ups and launched it immediately, two days after I got several orders from them. Cool! Thank you! I think I’m going to order one more package.

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